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Organizational Restructuring

Organizations are human systems and their system structure includes the worldview, beliefs, and mental models of their leaders and members.  Changing organizational behavior requires changing the belief system of its personnel.  This process of changing beliefs is called learning.  Effective learning requires clear, open communications throughout the organization.  

Organizational performance ultimately rests on human behavior and improving performance requires changing behavior.  Therefore organizational restructuring should have as a fundamental goal the facilitation of clear, open communication that can enable organizational learning and clarify accountability for results.    

Since the world is continually changing, continuous organizational learning is necessary to stay up to date.  Organizations that cannot or will not learn will become obsolete.  Leaders should periodically examine the organizational structure of their enterprise to assure that it continues to provide an environment for organizational learning.  A non threatening, development focused performance appraisal process can be an effective organizational learning tool.  

The points of leverage in organizations are the beliefs and worldview of their leaders and decision makers.  The sense of purpose, vision and commitment of an organization's leadership play a critical role in the results it can accomplish.   

Symptoms indicating the need for
organizational restructuring.

  • New skills and capabilities are needed to meet current or expected operational requirements.

  • Accountability for results are not clearly communicated and measurable resulting in subjective and biased performance appraisals.

  • Parts of the organization are significantly over or under staffed.

  • Organizational communications are inconsistent, fragmented, and inefficient.

  • Technology and/or innovation are creating changes in workflow and production processes.

  • Significant staffing increases or decreases are contemplated.

  • Personnel retention and turnover is a significant problem.

  • Workforce productivity is stagnant or deteriorating.

  • Morale is deteriorating.

Three Sigma's services

We use a unique organizational model to help executives structure their enterprise to create accountability for results and an environment for learning.

We coach executives how to implement a performance appraisal system that is non-threatening, simple to use, provides learning incentives, and establishes accountability for results.

We use a personality and behavior model developed by Dr. John Geier, PhD. to coach executives how to recognize behavior patterns in themselves and co-workers and use this knowledge to make more informed staffing and personnel decisions.

We help executives examine and define their purpose, vision, and goals for themselves and their organizations.  This model, Making Your Mission Operational, is available on this website.

Expected results

  • Improved productivity and morale.

  • Reduced personnel turnover.

  • Increased organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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