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Our Coaching Breeds Focus, Organization, and Discipline

Focus, organization, and discipline are characteristics of high performance individuals and organizations.  Our coaching enhances these characteristics in our clients.  It identifies specific, measurable results to be achieved which creates and sustains their focus for learning.  The concepts and fundamentals of systems theory provide the organization for this learning and the discipline needed to stay the course.

Systems theory is about leverage.  It is used in management applications to discover critical points of leverage where relatively small inputs produce disproportionately large results.  

All systems are subsystems of the universe.  Therefore the first task in systems theory application is to define and limit the boundaries of the system under consideration to enable meaningful, focused analysis.   The systems theory applications in this website focus on the socio-economic systems that form social, business, and government institutions and determine their outcomes.

Our Services

Our services are categorized by the functions and activities encountered by business and non-profit executives and board members that possess high leverage potential for creating meaningful business, organizational, or social change.  These categories are listed on the left side of this page and can be viewed by clicking on the name.  Each category includes:

  • A description of the function or activity and why it is important,

  • A set of symptoms indicating when corrective action is needed,

  • The services we offer to help executives upgrade their skills to address these symptoms and solve the underlying problem, 

  • The analytical tools and models that can be used if executives choose to upgrade their skills using their own resources,

  • Expected results from effective implementation of corrective action.

The prescribed analytical tools and models are available from this website and can be copied, printed or downloaded free of charge.

An extensive bibliography provides additional resource material for those who want to understand more about systems theory and its applications. 

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