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Our Approach

Addresses current problems

Our services are designed to provide an action centered learning experience in systems theory application.  Responding to daily operational problems places intense demands upon an executive's time. Our services recognize these demands by using current problems as on-the-job-training opportunities to help executives build practical systems thinking skills.  We accomplish this by offering several service options.

  • A customized coaching program developed with client participation to address a current need or problem.

  • Customizing one or more models in this website to make them client specific and assisting or facilitating their use.

  • Developing customized systems models to organize and explain more advanced applications of systems theory and systems thinking. Our customized organizational models provide the capability to simulate different strategies, analyze "what if" scenarios, and evaluate results in a quick and safe manner.  

  • System audits of a current problem area to discover root causes and points of leverage.  System audits differ from compliance and financial audits because their objectives are to gain insight, diagnose problems, and discover opportunities for improvement.  

We believe system audits are an extremely effective and efficient way to create learning in an active operational environment because they are highly focused, objective, address a current problem, and use recognized, credible criteria in their analyses.

  • We conduct marketing system audits to identify opportunities for increased sales and help clients develop and prioritize action plans to achieve them.

  • We conduct management control and information system audits to examine current  control system effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and help clients develop and prioritize corrective action plans as needed.   

  • We provide follow-up audits to evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions taken and the current status of improvement plans and objectives.

  • We provide coaching to advise and assist executives implement their action plans and innovation objectives.

Builds systems thinking skills

Systems theory provides the insights to discover high leverage problem solutions and strategies.  Its application requires the ability to think and act  systemically.  We provide action centered learning and coaching to executives and decision makers to help them develop or enhance their system thinking skills. 

The systems thinking knowledge and skills of an organizationís decision makers comprise a critical point of leverage for achieving organizational results.  Expanding these skills and competencies is a highly leveraged action to increase performance.  We provide a focused, organized, and disciplined process to accomplish this action.     

Our website presents information needed for a basic understanding of the management applications of systems theory and systems thinking, including simplified systems models that can be viewed and downloaded free of charge. These analytical tools and models are designed to help executives understand and apply basic systems theory to their organizations. The Coaching Categories pages of this website describe problem symptoms indicating which of these tools and models might be appropriate. 

Our product is knowledge and proficiency in using system thinking to find high leverage problem solutions and strategies.  Learning always takes time and the purpose of our coaching is to make this process easier and quicker.

Has the capability to serve clients
by phone, fax, or e-mail

We want to establish a long term professional relationship with our clients.  Our structured approach and use of models enables us to provide follow-up or on-going coaching by phone, fax, or e-mail at the client's convenience.

We provide coaching by phone or e-mail to help or facilitate using the models and tools on this website.

Provides complimentary consultations

We provide complimentary consultations to determine whether our services are appropriate to meet our clients' needs.  Subsequent consulting arrangements will be specified in writing and approved by the client.  This agreement will include performance expectations, consulting fees, and client responsibilities.

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